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Surajit Sen

Professor of Physics
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Wave behavior, granular systems, quasi-equilibrium, nonequilibrium and chaotic phenomena, collisions, shock mitigation, sociophysics

Head shot of Surajit Sen, University at Buffalo professor of physics.

Surajit Sen is an expert on the behavior of waves — including solitary and rogue waves — and granular systems, and on the mathematics of collisions and shock absorption. He is also a statistical physicist.

He can speak to the media about various problems in math, including the activity and energy of waves, granular systems and other nonlinear systems. He coauthored a 2017 study proving that equilibrium is reached in certain strongly nonlinear systems, answering one of the questions lingering from the famed Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem of 1955.

Sen can also discuss real-world applications related to his work in theoretical physics. Areas of interest include acoustic methods for detecting landmines and the use of novel materials for mitigating shock and harvesting “junk” energy — energy from road vibrations, airport runways and other sources that would other otherwise go to waste.

He is also an expert in sociophysics, which attempts to describe the behavior of human and animals using tools that scientists use to describe the behavior and motion of matter. His work in this field includes using the principles of physics to model animal societies, battles and crime prevention techniques.


Surajit Sen, PhD
Professor of Physics
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences