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Joann Sands

Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
University at Buffalo School of Nursing


Disaster response education and training; emergency preparedness and management; role of nurses in disasters

Head shot of Joann Sands, University at Buffalo disaster response education expert.

Joann Sands is an expert on educating and training students in the areas of disaster and emergency preparedness, management and response.

In addition to her work at the university, Sands has many years of experience as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician.

Sands is a member of the Consortium for Humanitarian Service and Education, which helps run training exercises that focus on disaster response. Students from the UB School of Nursing have attended these events, gaining skills relating to humanitarian aid, disaster response, conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork and communication in austere or challenging environments. The trainings reach an interdisciplinary group of students, ranging from nursing and psychology students to those interested in homeland security and emergency management.

Sands is a registered nurse and certified adult nurse practitioner and national healthcare disaster professional.


Joann Sands, DNP
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
University at Buffalo School of Nursing