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Phillips Stevens Jr.

Associate Professor of Anthropology
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Cultural anthropology, religion, spiritualism, cults, superstition, witchcraft, zombies, vampires, curses, rites of passage, populism, nativism, xenophobia

Head shot of Phillips Stevens Jr.

Phillips Stevens Jr. is a cultural anthropologist whose research analyzes and traces the roots of religion and spiritualism in human culture.

He can speak to the media about topics that range from witchcraft and Satanism to magic, zombies and curses. He is an expert on superstition and can discuss topics such as Friday the 13th and curses, including those against sports teams. He has published widely on the dark side of humanity.

Stevens can also discuss collective reactions to stress, ranging from revitalization to populism, nativsm and forms of scapegoating such as xenophobia and anti-Semitism. He can discuss why people are and have historically been willing to accept the rash promises and brash declarations of politicians and others, even when these declarations are not based in fact.

Stevens is also an expert on West African spiritual culture, conducting field work and other research into subjects that include rites of passage and magic, sorcery and witchcraft in the region.


Phillips Stevens Jr., PhD
Associate Professor of Anthropology
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences