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Stephanie Choi

Postdoctoral Associate
University at Buffalo Asia Research Institute


K-pop music, global gender politics, affective labor, and political economies in digital media

Portrait of Stephanie Choi.

Stephanie Choi is an expert on K-pop music.

An ethnomusicologist and native of Korea, she can discuss with the news media many aspects of the music, including its unique form affective economy that helps create a deeper, more emotional connection between the consumer (fan) and the product (idol or group). She has been interviewed by The New Yorker, The Daily Show and other media outlets.

Choi is writing a book, tentatively titled, “Intimate Capital: Gendered Fandom and Commodified Citizenship in Globalizing K-pop,” and she teaches a course at UB on K-pop and its global reach.


Choi can respond to interview requests in English and Korean.


Stephanie Choi, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate, Asia Research Institute
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences