This J-Pop group say they were doxxed. Did the internet go too far?

Published June 1, 2023


Rolling Stone quotes Stephanie Choi in a story about an aspiring group of American J-pop singers (Sorb3t) who were accused of cultural appropriation. Choi believes there are many misunderstandings between K-pop and J-pop. “J-pop has been popular in the U.S. as a youth subculture through American fantasization of Japan,” Choi states. Choi also emphasizes that in America, J-pop doesn’t just stand for a type of music but also represents a specific kind of white or Anglicized interest in Japanese pop culture. “Cultural appropriation is contextual and thus is very tricky to explain,” Choi says. “People often think that cultural appreciation is the antithesis of cultural appropriation, but in fact, they can occur simultaneously.” 

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