Every Student Intern must meet with an International Student Advisor within 30 days of arrival to complete the check-in process, which includes an overview of immigration requirements.

Arriving at UB

ISS must register your arrival in SEVIS within 30 days of the start date on your DS-2019 in order for you to remain legally in the United States. You must attend the J-1 orientation to be registered. You must also attend the orientation before you are provided with an ARO SSN letter (to apply for a Social Security Number, if needed) and prior to any international travel. If you arrive later than expected, please notify ISS.

Change in Arrival Date?

If you arrive later than expected, please notify ISS.

Attending Orientation

Prior to your arrival, you will receive an email from International Student Services providing you with the date and time of your orientation. Orientations are held virtually via Zoom. We will ask that you provide us with the following documents (via email) prior to your orientation: 

  • A copy of your signed DS-2019.
  • A copy of your J-1 visa stamp.
  • Proof of your health insurance coverage (visit the Student Medical Insurance Office before your orientation located in 1Capen to purchase the SUNY Medical Insurance).
  • A printout of your I-94 from the Customs and Border Protection website.
  • Your U.S. address and phone number.

Topics covered in the orientation include:

  • How to maintain your J-1 visa status
  • Employment
  • Travel
  • Health Insurance Requirements
  • Life in Buffalo

During orientation, we will answer any questions you have. If question arise before your orientation, please email us at iss@buffalo.edu