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Learn about UB and life in Buffalo

Before arriving in Buffalo, you can experience UB and the beautiful Buffalo-Niagara region online.

After you arrive in Buffalo, your best source of information will be the International Student Welcome Series. This program is designed to help you get the things you need to be a UB student, inform you about campus resources and services, get you off to a good start academically, introduce you to other new students, and provide valuable information about U.S. culture and life outside UB.

Buffalo and Western New York

Buffalo — dubbed the City of Good Neighbors — is the second-largest city in New York State, yet it’s a big city with a hometown feel.

Buffalo is a thriving city in a region of more than two million people that offers a world of opportunity. World-class art galleries and museums, a comprehensive city-wide system of parks and green space designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, and major and minor league sports teams are just a few of the wide array of cultural and recreational elements that make Buffalo such a great place to study, work, and live.

Buffalo's Four Seasons

What kind of clothes should I bring to Buffalo?

Buffalo has four seasons, so you should be prepared for all types of weather (but remember, snow is fun and beautiful!). In winter, heavy jackets, warm hats, scarves, gloves and snow boots are necessary. During autumn and spring days, you will need a raincoat or lightweight coat or jacket. In the summer, shorts and T-shirts are adequate. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for any season.

Unless good quality winter clothing is available in your country, you should purchase it after you arrive in Buffalo. You will find a large selection of winter clothes available at different price levels.

Public Transportation in Buffalo

At UB, it’s easy to get around campus, between campuses, or anywhere you need to go. 

International Student Clubs

UB's international student clubs possess a wealth of information about academic programs, campus resources, social opportunities and life in Buffalo. While the clubs are all very different, they revolve around specific countries, cultures, languages and/or religions. It is easy to get involved with any club in which you have an interest—regardless of your own affiliation. All you need is a desire to get involved and to learn. Be sure to contact your club or join a few!

For information about undergraduate international student clubs at UB, please visit the UB Student Association Clubs web page.

To learn more about graduate international student clubs, please visit the UB Graduate Student Association International Clubs web page.

Adapting to U.S. Academic Standards

Education in the United States relies on the expectation that students submit academic work that they have completed using only their own knowledge. Called “academic integrity,” this expectation can be quite different from standards in other parts of the world.

The important thing to remember is that all students at UB are held accountable to upholding academic integrity rules, even if they do not know what those rules are. So please go to the Office of Academic Integrity website to learn more about what is expected of you. Additionally, every instructor may set specific limits on how much students can work together, so always check your course syllabus and pay attention to assignment and exam instructions to ensure that you are following the proper standards.

If you ever have questions about what is allowed, ask your professor for clarification.

On-Campus Employment

F-1 international students are eligible to work on-campus without special authorization. J-1 international students are also eligible to work on-campus, but need a letter from International Student Services authorizing such employment.

International students are not eligible to apply for “Work Study” positions.  Work study is only available to domestic students who, as part of their financial aid package, are awarded funding from the U.S. federal government to work in paid campus positions while studying at the university.

Finding an On-Campus Job

Once you have activated your UBIT Account, you can start to search for on-campus jobs using UB Career Design Center's Bullseye powered by Handshake job search engine.