Financial Documentation

Issuing new, extended or dependent I-20’s & DS-2019’s requires current financial documentation that meets specific standards.

Document Types

Documentation Acceptable
Bank Statements/Letters Yes*
Certificate of Deposit (CD) Statements Yes*
Chartered Accountant Statement No
Credit Card Statements No
Employer Letter/Salary Statement No
Line of Credit/Loan Letters Yes*
Proof of Tuition Scholarship/Assistantship Yes*
Proof of Adjunct Teaching Appointment at UB Yes
National Letter of Intent (NLI) 
Stock Market Statement No
Valuation Statements (Jewelry, Gold, Property) No

*Additional Information

  • Bank Statements / Letters 
    • Letters must verify name of the account holder and the current balance. 
    • Receipts from automatic teller machines (atm) are not acceptable. 
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD) Statements
    • Maturity date must be no later than the end of add/drop for the next semester of enrollment.
  • Loan Letters or Line of Credit Letters 
    • Letters must verify the name of the account holder and the current balance. 
  • Proof of Tuition Scholarship / Assistantship
    • A letter confirming the details of your appointment, including the dates of your appointment, the total stipend amount, and whether or not you also receive a tuition scholarship and/or health insurance coverage is required. 

Document Requirements

  • We accept clear photocopies or scans. 
  • Documents must be written in English.
  • Documents must be less than one year old at the time of the request. 
  • All acceptable forms of documentation must be printed on official letterhead from the institution that issued the document.
  • If any of the documents do not include the US Dollar conversion, please use to convert the total balance to USD. 
    • Upload a screen shot of the conversion as part of the e-form.
  • If the documentation provided is not in your own name, it must be accompanied by a signed letter from the bank account holder or sponsor verifying that the documented funds are available for your studies at the University at Buffalo.
    • A template letter is available below.

Sample Sponsor Letter

Below is sample language to be used if the financial documentation submitted is not in your own name.

The letter must be signed by the sponsor and must include the actual signature (not typed) of the person providing support. The letter must be clear; scanned copies are acceptable. ISS does not need the original letter mailed to the office.

Sample Sponsor Letter


I, NAME OF SPONSOR, agree to financially support NAME OF STUDENT, for their tuition, fees and living expenses incurred while a student at the University at Buffalo. Attached please find my financial documents indicating the amount of funding available to NAME OF STUDENT.

If additional information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Include sponsor’s home address

Include sponsor’s phone number