International Education Week

Join us for a week of cultural displays and exhibitions, learning and exploration, food, fun, and celebration! The entire UB community is welcome to participate.

November 18-22, 2024

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International Education Week (IEW) at UB

IEW is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This week is celebrated nationally as a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education.

UB celebrates IEW to educate the UB community about diverse international perspectives and cultures. IEW increases UB community members’ cross-cultural awareness, curiosity, and knowledge through activities, discussions, presentations, displays, and exhibitions.

IEW presents the richness of cultures and promotes the benefits of international education to our UB community.

Submit an IEW Program

UB student clubs, departments, offices, faculty, staff, and other UB community members and entities are encouraged to submit programs as part of International Education Week.

Why should my group/department/unit participate?

This is a chance to showcase the work that your group/department/unit does which connects the UB community with global ideas and opportunities. 

What kind of event can my group/department/unit facilitate?

IEW programs/events/activities:

  • can range from events that are open to the entire UB community, to opportunities that may be targeted to specific audiences. 
  • can be celebratory, educational/informative, conversational, or another mode of facilitation.
  • should focus on the importance of international education, international inclusion, and cross-cultural understanding.

Consider the following event ideas:

  • Student club social activity in collaboration with a student cultural club
  • Round table discussion and lunch
  • International film viewing and discussion
  • Workshops on internationally-focused topics
  • Poster presentations from a globally-focused class
  • Faculty panel presenting internationally focused research
  • Intercultural simulations

Need help finding inspiration or developing an idea?

International Education Week Program Sponsorship

International Education Week Program Sponsorship support may be available.  If you need to apply for program sponsorship, you will find the information about sponsorship requirements and the sponsorship request form in your IEW Program Submission confirmation email.

Program Submission Deadline

Help Us Promote Your Program!

Submit your programs by 10/1/2024 to ensure inclusion in IEW print materials.

Programs submitted before 10/1/2024 will be included in IEW print materials, UBLinked, and other online media.  Programs submitted after 10/1/2024 will be posted on the IEW website,  UBLinked, and in other online media, but may not be featured in our print materials.

The deadline to submit a program to be included in Fall 2024 International Education Week is Friday, November 1, 2024.

Fall 2024 Schedule

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Fall 2023 Schedule

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