International Student Fee

Fee Information

All active degree-seeking F-1 and J-1 international students are required to pay a fee of $100 each Fall and Spring semester they are enrolled in classes at the University at Buffalo. The fee is not assessed during summer or winter term.

Some students are exempt from the International Student Fee. These groups are:

- non-matriculated/non-degree students

- students in the non-credit Intensive English Program of UB's English Language Institute

- exchange students studying at UB under specific institutional partner agreements (not all exchange students are exempt from the fee.) 

- students who drop all classes by the published liability deadline for University fees (also known as the end of the drop/add period). A calendar of liability dates is available on Student Accounts' website.

- students who change their immigration status and no longer hold F-1 or J-1 status (documentation confirming your new status must be submitted to ISS prior to the end of add/drop and you must file an exemption request (see below) to qualify for a fee exemption for that semester.)

Fall 2021 Billing Information:

F-1/J-1 students who are studying outside the U.S. but who are maintaining F-1/J-1 status (i.e. have an active SEVIS record) are not eligible for an exemption of the International Student Fee.

Students who began a new degree program from outside the US and do not have an active SEVIS record for Fall 2021 were not billed the fee.

Fee Exemption Requests

If you believe you were charged the International Student Fee in error, complete the form below. Only requests relating to the exemptions above will be considered.

The deadline to file an exemption request for Fall 2021 is Friday, October 8 at 5:00 pm. No request after this date will be accepted.