Estimated Expenses

Requesting a new, extended, or dependent I-20 or DS-2019? International Student Services requires current, valid financial documentation. Find out how much financial support you will need to show.

These figures are estimates; the final amount on your I-20/DS-2019 may vary slightly based on your specific program. Actual costs will vary depending on degree, program and personal spending. Visit Student Accounts for more information.

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On Post-Completion OPT, STEM OPT, or Post-Graduation Academic Training?

If you're in F/J status after graduation and no longer enrolled in courses you only need to determine estimated living expenses for yourself and any dependents on your SEVIS record. In most cases you will need estimated living expenses for 1 year.

Maintaining F/J Status

Below are example estimates based on common credit loads for students based on full-time enrollment, enrollment with a Reduced Course Load, enrollment with an assistantship, or enrollment with full-time certification. When planning your enrollment for any semester be sure you understand how to maintain status and how any enrollment under 12 credits must be accompanied by additional approvals.

Estimated International Expenses 2023-2024

Important Considerations:

Maintaining Status

In order to maintain status you must study full-time and make normal progress toward your degree. For details on enrollment requirements to maintain your status please refer to:

  • Estimates are shown in USD.
  • Tuition is set by the State University of New York; it is subject to change without notice.
  • Visit for more information on tuition prices.
  • Fees include the student activity fee, comprehensive fees, the international student fee, and international student health insurance.
  • Food and housing (also known as “board”) costs are based on average costs; this cost will vary slightly depending on your personal living arrangements and lifestyle.
  • Some programs, such as architecture, art programs, and health-related programs may have significantly higher costs for supplies.
  • All above estimated costs are subject to change.