UB Card Information for J-1 Student Interns

The process to obtain a UB card as a J-1 Student Intern can vary depending on your situation.  

Obtaining a UB Card

J-1 Student Interns Who Are Not UB Employees

If you will not be a UB employee (i.e. will not be paid by UB) you can only obtain a UB card if departmental authorization is given and a volunteer appointment is approved and submitted to University Human Resources. 

Therefore, if you are using personal funds, funds from your own country or funding not related to UB, your inviting academic department must complete an Electronic Personnel Transaction Form (ePTF) to appoint you as an “unpaid volunteer”.

Once the volunteer appointment is received, processed and data entered into the employee system, you will be able to request a UB Card at the UB Card Office located in 1 Capen Hall. You must bring your passport and DS-2019 to the UB Card Office to collect your UB Card.

J-1 Student Interns Who Are UB Employees

If you will be paid by the University at Buffalo and will hold a State, Research Foundation or UB Foundation appointment, you will receive a UB Card once all required employment paperwork is submitted. 

Process and Fees

Once the required paperwork is submitted by your academic department, you should be able to request your UB card within 2-3 weeks. You will not receive an email confirmation notifying you when it is time to visit the UB card office. We suggest working with your academic department representative to confirm that the process to add you to the UB system is complete and only then contacting the UB card office to request a card. 

The UB card will not be automatically created and sent to you. You must visit the UB Card Office to have your photo taken and collect your UB card.

There is a one-time $23.50 fee for issuance of an initial UB Card. 

UB Card Office Locations

On the North Campus, the UB Card Office is located in 1 Capen Hall.

On the South Campus, the UB Card Office is located in 1 Deifendorf Hall.

Accessing University Libraries Before Receiving a UB Card

Until the UB Card is issued, you must request access to the Libraries resources. It may be necessary to provide a letter on departmental letterhead (see sample) to request this temporary access.