Success Stories

UB, and Buffalo in general, is a highly supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. There seems to be a genuine desire for companies to succeed.

Charles Jones, PhD
Abcombi Biosciences, Inc.



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Accelerator Fund Awards

UB recognizes standout innovations with commercial potential

Each of these accelerator awardees are a testament to the true talent and ingenuity at UB and our research partners. We're very excited about this inaugural cohort and look forward to their continued progress in advancing toward market readiness.

Christina Orsi
Associate VP for Economic Development
University of Buffalo

Athenex is proof that you can start a life sciences company in Buffalo and take it all the way to an IPO. With help from CBLS, we went from a virtual company to being a rock on the medical campus.

David G. Hangauer, PhD


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Without the support of UB, Cytocybernetics would not have been possible.

Glenna Bett, PhD
Co-founder & CEO




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Thanks to our incredible UB partnership, we will bring disruptive, life-saving products to the marketplace.


Wayne Bacon
President & Chief Executive Officer
Garwood Medical Devices

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We would not be able to commercialize our technology, especially at the rate and effectiveness we have, without UB’s Center for Computational Research.

Ward Thomas
President & CEO
Sentient Science

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