The UB CAT program, Kelsey Sommer.

The University at Buffalo Center for Advanced Technology in Big Data and Health Sciences (UB CAT) is a project cost-sharing grant program funded by Empire State Development, and designed to drive the growth of life and health science businesses in New York State.

By partnering with a University at Buffalo investigator, New York State companies can access matching funds for collaborative product development or proof of concept research in the health sciences, especially in the areas of drug development, medical devices, diagnostic tools and healthcare IT. Preference will be given to projects that involve or enable Big Data applications.

Health science companies can benefit from: project cost-sharing; outstanding faculty expertise; state-of-the art facilities and equipment; and access to SUNY’s reduced rates on services and supplies.

Eligibility Criteria for Project Funding:

  • Proposed projects must align with UB CAT’s focus areas 
    (big data and health sciences)
  • Company is registered in NYS and has an office location in NYS
  • Company has at least 1 full time employee
  • Company has available matching funds for project cost sharing
  • Commitment of a University at Buffalo Principal Investigator*
  • Scientific, technical, and innovative merit
  • Demonstrated need for support of project
  • Ability to successfully complete project in one fiscal year
    (July-June of the project year)
  • Potential economic impact for New York State**
  • Appropriateness of budget items within UB CAT project guidelines

* All projects are subject to State University of New York intellectual property policies. Click here for special SWIFT for CAT preferred terms.

** Companies that receive CAT funding are required to provide annual economic impact reports for five years. Information on eligible economic impacts and reporting is available upon request.