Itemize a Hotel or Airbnb

Itemizing a hotel receipt is a required task. It is necessary to itemize to break down your hotel expenses.

How to Itemize a Hotel or Airbnb Expenditure

1. Create an Expense Report

2. Add Hotel/Airbnb as an Expense

Click on “Add Expense” and select “Hotel/Airbnb” (Figure 1).

Each hotel needs to be itemized and a receipt is required. Complete each field that is marked with a red asterisk (Figure 2).

  1. Check In/Out Date — These are the dates for when you checked in and out of the hotel
  2. Transaction Date — The date that you were charged. Normally this would be the checkout date.
  3. Report/Trip Purpose – The purpose of the trip can be selected via a drop-down. (Populated from the report header).
  4. Vendor – The name of the hotel or Airbnb
  5. City of Purchase – Location of where you stayed
  6. Payment type – This will default to Out of Pocket/Personal Card.
  7. Amount – Amount of the total bill for this expense
  8. Currency – Type of currency used (defaults to US, Dollar)
  9. Comment — Any information that you would like to provide such as the reason you may have stayed at this location.
  10. Upload Receipt Image –Upload the hotel/Airbnb

When finished, click the Itemization tab next to the details tab (Figure 3).

3. Itemizing a Hotel/Airbnb

  • Click “Create Itemization” then click on “Hotel/Airbnb” as an expense type to itemize it.
  • Select “Same as Every Night” option if all the room rates are the same for each night. Select “Not the Same” if there were multiple room rates during your stay. (Figure 4).
  • Click “Save Itemization”
  • Click “Save Expense” 

4. Continue to Add Other Expenses as Needed