Itemize a Hotel or Airbnb

Itemizing a hotel receipt is a required task. It is necessary to itemize to break down your hotel expenses.

How to Itemize a Hotel or Airbnb Expenditure

1. Create an Expense Report

2. Add Hotel/Airbnb as an Expense

  • Click on Add Expense and select Hotel/Airbnb (Figure 1).
  • Complete each field that is marked with a red asterisk (Figure 2).
  • Check In/Out Date — These are the dates for when you checked in and out of the hotel.
  • Transaction Date — The date that you were charged. Normally this would be the checkout date.
  • Report/Trip Purpose – The purpose of the trip, select from the drop-down. (Populated from the report header).
  • Vendor – The name of the hotel or Airbnb.
  • City of Purchase – Location of where you lodged.
  • Payment type – This will default to Out of Pocket/Personal Card.
  • Amount – Amount of the total bill for this expense.
  • Currency – Type of currency used (defaults to US, Dollar).
  • Travel Allowance – This box will automatically be checked for your per diems. Unselect if you are not claiming per diems for your reimbursement.
  • Request – This field should be automatically filled in if tied already to an approved request, but you can add an approved request if not selected.  
  • Comment — Any information that you would like to provide, such as the reason you may have stayed at this location.
  • Add Receipt –Upload the hotel/Airbnb or drag and drop the file into the box.

3. Itemizing a Hotel/Airbnb

  • When finished, click the Itemization tab next to the Details tab (Figure 3).
    • Select Recurring itemization or select Single Itemization.
    • Select “The Same Every Night” if the room rates are the same for each night.
    • Select “Not the Same” if there are multiple room rates during your stay.
    • Enter the room rate for each night including the taxes.  
  • Click Save Itemization to lock in the itemizations.
  • Click Save Expense to save.

4. Continue to Add Other Expenses as Needed