Explore the Travel and Expense System Home Page

On the home page you have quick access to:

  • Start a request or expense report.
  • Upload a receipt or supporting documentation.
  • Review alerts, requests and expense reports.

Explore the Travel and Expense System Home Page

Refer to Figure 1. The numbers in red correspond to the following numbered descriptions.

1. Quick Task Bar

  • Provides quick access to start a request or expense report, and to upload receipts or supporting documentation.
  • Click each open task and work to complete it.

2. Trip Search

  • Use the optional Trip Search booking tool to make your business travel reservations.
  • Trip Search is contracted through The Travel Team Inc., and there are no service fees charged for bookings.

3. Alerts

  • Review important alerts as you book travel reservations and submit expenses for reimbursement.

4. Company Notes

  • Review important UB specific notices.

5. My Tasks

  • View your outstanding tasks to see how many open requests, available expenses and open expense reports you have.