Explore the Travel and Expense System Home Page

On the home page you have quick access to:

  • Start a request or expense report.
  • Upload a receipt or supporting documentation.
  • Review alerts, requests and expense reports.

Explore the Travel and Expense System Home Page

Refer to Figure 1. The numbers in red correspond to the following numbered descriptions.

Zoom image: Figure 1 Explore the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur) home page.

Figure 1

1. Quick Task Bar

  • Provides quick access to start a request or expense report, and to upload receipts or supporting documentation.
  • Click each open task and work to complete it.

2. Trip Search

  • Use the optional Trip Search booking tool to make your business travel reservations.
  • Trip Search is contracted through The Travel Team Inc., and there are no service fees charged for bookings.

3. Alerts

  • Review important alerts as you book travel reservations and submit expenses for reimbursement.

4. Company Notes

  • Review important UB specific notices.

5. My Tasks

  • View your outstanding tasks to see how many open requests, available expenses and open expense reports you have.