Clone an Existing Trip

You can clone one of your existing trips in the system to begin booking a new trip with the same information.

How to Clone an Existing Trip

1. Click Clone Trip

  • On the home page, click Travel in the top menu bar.
  • On the Travel Details page in the Trip Overview section, click Clone Trip (Figure 1).

2. Select Traveler and Search Options

  •  In Book for traveler, use the dropdown menu to select the person you are cloning the trip for (Figure 2).
  • For search options, select either (Figure 2):
    • Search for these specific flights to search for the exact flights used in the original trip.
    • I would like to do a general search to enter new search criteria.
  • The search results will appear.
  • Make your selections and updates on the next pages and continue until you reach a Finished page.