Change Airfare Reservations

You can change your upcoming airfare reservations in the system to update the departure date or time, but you must retain the original airfare carrier. Also be sure to change any car or hotel bookings associated with the flight. Reservation changes will be assessed and may result in an additional fee from the Travel Team Inc.

In the system you cannot change:

  • The flight departure or arrival city.
  • An airfare reservation that is in progress.
  • An airfare reservation that was booked in the reservation center.

How to Change Airfare Reservations

1. Open Existing Airfare Reservation

  • On the home page, click Travel in the top menu bar.
  • There are two ways to find your existing travel reservations:
  1. Click Trip Library at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Upcoming Trips tab.
  • Find your existing airfare reservation and click Change (Figure 1).
    • You cannot make changes to an airfare reservation that is in progress or that was booked in the reservation center. You will have to contact an agent at the Travel Team Inc. instead.
    • You cannot change the departure or arrival city. You will have to cancel the trip and rebook it by applying an unused ticket instead.
  • To also make changes to car or hotel reservations associated with this flight, click Modify Related Bookings.

2. Change Airfare Reservations

  • In the Change Flight window, select the flight segment you want to change (Figure 2).
  • Complete the fields with your new search criteria, then click Search.
    • You can only make changes to the departure date or time.
    • You must retain the original airfare carrier.
  • View the search results. The results are similar to flights offered in the standard booking process (Figure 3).
  • Click Purchase New Flights to finalize the purchase.
    • If you are changing a Southwest Airlines reservation, note that ticketing occurs when flights are selected, not when you click Purchase New Flights.
  • Once the flight is ticketed you will receive an updated travel itinerary.