Financial Management

Financial Management provides a variety of services to aid in the management and internal controls at the university.

Functional Services

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Accounting: Non-Sponsored RF

  • Provide support and guidance for managing Non-Sponsored RF accounts
  • Establish and maintain Non-Sponsored Accounts
  • Process and Complete RF budget revisions and expenditure transfers
  • Prepare annual RF reporting requirements
  • Campus Liaison for University Federal Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Proposal
  • Audit Non-Sponsored RF Payroll information

Accounting: State

  • Provide support and guidance for managing State accounts
  • Implement Internal Financial Plan deliveries
  • Process expenditure transfers
  • Manage budget revisions
  • Serve as a liaison for addressing financial data concerns
  • Prepare annual SUNY budget submission
  • Assist in addressing financial data requests

Accounts Payable

  • Provide customer service regarding all facets of the payment process
  • Verify invoices and process payments to suppliers
  • Respond to and assist suppliers and departments with payment related questions
  • Maintain applicable files and documentation for audit purposes

Card Programs and Asset Management

  • Manage and maintain the centralized accounting and reporting of university assets.
  • Provide guidance and support for managing university assets
  • Oversee and administer Purchasing Card operations

Cost Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Develop and maintain fees in accordance with university policies.
  • Provide guidance and support to departments on fees.
  • Conduct peer reviews and re-calculations of fees. 
  • Calculate the facilities Use rates that are charged to external entities who are using university space.
  • Maintain All Funds Chart of Accounts and UB Code data
  • Prepare university’s financial statements

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

  • Provide support and guidance for managing IFR and revenue  accounts
  • Process and complete IFR budget revisions, revenue transfers, and inter-agency Journals
  • Prepare all Uniform Revenue Accounting System (URAS) reporting to SUNY
  • Facilitate UB Marketplace maintenance, institutional loan fund repayments and student refunds
  • Manage the State university banking contract and reconciliation of associated accounts
  • Provide the campus with the ability to collect credit card payments for deposit into State accounts via merchant card terminals

Travel Services

  • Provide travel-related guidance, support, and training.
  • Process travel-related and personal reimbursements
  • Administer the NET Card which can be used for state-funded airfare and Amtrak expenses incurred by non-employees of UB (ex. candidates, guest speakers) while traveling on official UB business
  • Review travel expenses to ensure they are within allowable rates, required documentation is included, expenses are actual, necessary, and reasonable
  • Maintain applicable receipts and other supporting documentation for audit purposes