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In partnership with Dell, UB has identified configurable standards that include the UB desktop image and are supported by the UBIT. You can purchase other Optiplex and Latitude models, Precision workstations, servers, storage, printers and IT peripherals, supplies and accessories.

UB Dell Premier Store

The UB 2020 workstation standards are located on the home page of the UB Dell Premier Store website. You may upgrade the configurations by following the screen options.

Consult Your IT Node for Workstation Standards

Not all brands and types of notebooks, desktops and tablets can be easily supported by the campus IT staff. Contact your information technology support staff for assistance. Find the support staff for your unit, department or academic area.

UB Dell Premier Store Help

For assistance with the Dell Premier Store please contact Peter Castillo from Dell Inside Sales Account Management at 512-513-9674.

Clear Your Browser History

If you are unable to see the UB custom Dell configurations page, then clear your browser history and try again:

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Purchase Dell With eReq

1. Go to UB Dell Premier Store website to create an E-Quote.

2. Create an eReq and attach the E-Quote and submit it for processing. 

Purchase Dell With Procurement Card (PCard)

To purchase Dell products from the UB Dell Premier Store with a PCard, you need to request login credentials.

  1. Email your request for Dell Premier Store login credentials to UB purchasing agent Joyce Ansel at ansel@buffalo.edu. You will receive your new login credentials within 1-3 business days.
  2. Once you receive your login credentials, you can sign in to the Dell Premier UB Store.

       3. Generate an E-Quote to order direct with your PCard.

Returns and Credits

Most manufacturers and resellers have limited return policies or fees applied to returned items. It is important that you contact the buyer associated with your order (not the vendor) to resolve any issues.

Dell Consultation and Support

Mobile Users: Swipe to scroll table

Dell Support Type Phone Number

Dell Technical Support:


Customer Care:


Spare Parts:


Pro Support for Dell Laser Printers:


Basic Support for Dell Laser Printers:


Returns & Order Tracking:


Built-In Configurator

Click on the ? Help Me Choose  option. A window will pop up that explains the upgrade options and provides assistance on making a choice.

Computer and Server Quotes, General Assistance

Peter Castillo, Inside Sales Account Management
Office: 512-513-9674

Dell-branded and 3rd Party Software and Peripherals

Peter Castillo, Inside Sales Account Management
Office: 512-513-9674

Out of warranty parts and components

Required: Your unit tag number

Peter Castillo, Inside Sales Account Management
Office: 512-513-9674

Warranty Extension Quotes

Required: Your unit tag number

Email: ESL_spares@dell.com

Dell Premier Store FAQs

  • Where are the UB 2020 Workstation Standard Configurations on the UB Custom Dell Store?

    The university standards are located on the home page. They can also be accessed from the Shop Menu/Standard Configurations.

  • How do I find Dell printers, monitors, projectors, supplies, or other miscellaneous IT supplies? Is there a keyword search?

    Dell offers a complete line of software and peripheral products and our account includes standard ground shipping at no additional charge.  Click on the Software and Peripherals tabs.  This tab also has a keyword search function for searching for a specific part number or item.  Before you buy software please review the UB department offerings.

  • How do I customize a UB 2020 Workstation Standard Configuration?

    Your options are Add to Cart or Customize. Click on Customize to see the exact configuration and all the available upgrades and add-ons for that system

     After you click customize, you will see all the components of your configuration. If upgrades are available you can click on the radio button to upgrade or add that component.

  • What if I need consulting assistance?

    Click on the ? Help Me Choose option. A window will pop up that explains the different options. Most components have built-in consulting assistance.

  • Why can’t I find Dimension, Vostro, and Inspiron consumer products?

    These are consumer models and are not available to purchase from the government/education store.  The Optiplex and Latitude lines are network-optimized and designed to allow for a lower total cost of ownership for UB, offer long-term stability with longer product life cycles and are compatible with the UB image.  Check with your department before making a purchase.

  • How do I select an item beyond the standard? What about servers and storage?

    Click on the Systems tab.  The UB Custom Dell Configurator offers a complete line of computers and notebooks designed for use on-campus. In addition, most models are compatible with the UB image for easy installation and deployment.

  • How do I purchase a consumer Dell system not found in the UB Custom Dell store?

    To configure a consumer model, you will need to do the following

    1. Configure a system at dell.com with a 64-bit Professional Edition of Microsoft Windows which is the supported version of Windows on-campus.
    2. Review configuration with your department to see if they are able to provide technical support and imaging.
    3. Place your order directly through Dell using your UB Procurement Card for a tax-exempt purchase. If you use a personal credit card, Dell will NOT reimburse sales tax.
    4. Orders for home/home office or small business cannot be submitted through the eReq system. Do not send to Procurement Services for processing.
    5. You will need to provide a tax-exempt certificate to Dell. If you are charged tax, and you used a UB Procurement Card, please fill out the Business Purchase Verification Form and return directly to Dell.
  • What if the UB 2020 offerings do not have an upgrade that I need?

    The UB 2020 machines including upgrades and add-ons are selected by the workstation standards committee. If the configuration is not available in the standards, email Peter_Castillo@dell.com
 for a quote.  Allow 1-2 business days for custom quotes.

Contact an Expert

UB Purchasing Department

Joyce Ansel

Purchasing, Procurement Services

Phone: 716-645-2483

Email: ansel@buffalo.edu

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