Purchase From Punch-Out Suppliers

Punch-out catalogs are integrated external links to a supplier’s web-based catalog.

How to Purchase from Punch-Out Suppliers

When purchasing from punch-out suppliers, you exit the ShopBlue site to search and select products from a supplier's web catalog, then return the items to the ShopBlue shopping cart. The selected items are then submitted through the standard requisition and order process.

Keep Contract and Non-Contract Items Separate

A single ShopBlue cart cannot mix contract and non-contract items, so once back in ShopBlue, be sure to check that your cart only has one type of item.

1. Click a Punch-Out Supplier's Name

On the shopping homepage, locate the Showcases widget. In the Punch-Out section, select the desired supplier’s logo (Figure 1).

Figure 1 of punchout suppliers module.

Figure 1

2. Browse the Supplier's Catalog

Once the supplier’s logo is selected, users will be directed to the supplier’s external web based catalog. When accessing a punch out supplier through ShopBlue, users are automatically authenticated to the supplier, so the supplier’s website knows which organization the user is from to show the appropriate products and pricing.

Note: To cancel a punch-out at any time, select the Cancel Punch-Out button at the top of the screen. You will return the ShopBlue site without any products being submitted. 

3. Create Your Order

Once on the suppliers punch-out catalog, users can search for the desired products from the supplier’s catalog. Add these products to your cart on the suppliers catalog (Figure 2).

Figure 2 of purchase from punchout catalogs.

Figure 2

4. Review and Submit Your Order

When all desired items have been added to the cart on the punch-out suppliers catalog, users can submit their order (Figure 3).

Note: An order is not being placed with the supplier when checking out of their punch-out catalog. The purchasing process continues once returned to the ShopBlue site. 

Figure 3 of purchase from punchout catalogs.

Figure 3

5. Return to Shopping Cart

After the user submits the order in the suppliers punch out catalog, the user will automatically be directed back to the ShopBlue shopping cart. The products submitted in the punch out shopping cart will also be returned to the ShopBlue shopping cart (Figure 4).

Figure 4 of purchase from punchout catalogs.

Figure 4

6. Checkout

From the ShopBlue shopping cart, users can check out of ShopBlue as they normally would. 


  • All punch-out suppliers will be listed in the punch out showcase 
  • Punch-out can be used with any funding source 
  • Level II Punch-Out: more interactive with supplier system. Will give more information such as estimated delivery date, inventory outage notifications and special pricing.