Victor Bull character wearing sunglasses next to text reading #UBuffalo #UBhornsUP.

Using UB Hashtags

Using UB’s hashtags in your social media posts have many benefits. First and foremost, hashtags give your posts more visibility. They not only help fans find your content, but also allow other members of the UB community to easily see your posts (and potentially share them).

What are UB’s Hashtags?


#UBuffalo is UB’s primary hashtag. Use this on every post, where applicable.


#UBhornsUP is UB’s spirit hashtag. Use this for athletics posts, or to convey pride.

Hashtags to Avoid Using

DON’T Use #UB, #Universityatbuffalo, #SUNYatBuffalo or other versions of UB’s name.

  • #UB is used by many other entities and is therefore not unique to UB

DON’T Use #hornsup

  • The horns up hand gesture is ubiquitous. You can see it everywhere from sports events to music videos. Likewise, the #hornsup hashtag is used widely in social media. By using UB’s version of “horns up”—#UBhornsUP—we can better find the content and control the context in which we appear 

DON’T Use #HereisHow

  • It is not a tagline—it’s merely shorthand for the way we tell our stories. It’s not unique to UB so we can’t control the context. It is used widely, and in some negative contexts. Using it puts us in bad—or irrelevant—company

DON’T Create Your Own

  • The objective of using hashtags is to increase visibility. If a hashtag is new it is not likely reaching a newer, bigger audience. Creating a new hashtag is only advisable when your product or campaign will have a long life, be promoted in other media (e.g. print, flyers, broadcast) or has proven wide recognition. Our recommendation? Instead of creating new hashtags, tie your campaign to existing ones with wide audiences