Variations of Little Victor.

Little Victor Social Stickers

Meet Little Victor! UB’s favorite mascot has been emojified and is now an official registered trademark. A full suite of Little Victor graphics is available for use across official university social media accounts, as well as Student Association-recognized club pages.

If you’re interested in using Little Victor beyond social media, please review UB’s separate usage guidelines. 

Usage Guidelines

A large array of Little Victor graphics are reserved for social media to build pride within our community, as part of the True Blue initiative. Usage of these graphics is tightly regulated by University Communications and should always be used in accordance with these guidelines:

  • SOCIAL ONLY: Little Victor graphics may be used in social media content as well as the UB chatbot. If you’re interested in using Little Victor graphics beyond social media such as merchandise and printed collateral, please review the separate usage guidelines.
  • SECONDARY BRAND REFERENCE: Official university social media accounts and Student Association-recognized clubs that utilize Little Victor stickers must include the full ‘University at Buffalo’ name on their social profile, handle or username.
  • GIPHY STICKERS: Many of our Little Victor graphics are also accessible via the university GIPHY account, which feeds various social networks’ GIF repositories, including Instagram stories stickers. To utilize approved Little Victor GIPHY stickers in your content, follow the instructions on GIPHY and search for ‘UBuffalo’.
    • Note: GIPHY stickers are available to any user on social media and contain a secondary brand reference.
  • DO NOT MODIFY: University Communications is responsible for creating and managing all Little Victor graphics. Always use the provided artwork without modification. Do not add to, remove from, adjust or alter the elements in any way.
  • IN CONTEXT: Little Victor must never be used in association with questionable or explicit content or content that disparages the university.

Official UB social media accounts, as well as student clubs recognized by UB’s Student Association, can complete the form below to request Little Victor graphics to create branded social media content.

Access Little Victor Graphics

Complete the form below to request Little Victor graphics. You will be automatically directed to a page to download each version available

Need Help?

If you have questions or suggestions for additional versions of the Little Victor stickers, contact the UB Social team.

Horns up Little Victor.