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Best Practices and Training

  • Building Your Strategy
    Successful social media accounts have strong, well thought out strategies. We ensure your success by leading you through our planning process before you commit to a social media channel.
  • Content Checklist
    Before you post to your social channels, be sure to follow this checklist to optimize your content and make it soar! 
  • Monitoring and Responding
    Open communication is at the heart of social media. Most users not only expect to be able to comment on your pages, but to also be answered when they take the time to do so. Learn when to show love, when to ignore and, when to seek help for issues.
  • Optimizing UBCMS Pages for Social
    Before you share a UBCMS page to social media, consider how it will display on the platform. By using a compelling image and headline, you can help enhance the performance of your content on social.
  • Downloading SmugMug Images for Social
    UB's SmugMug is a great resource to find photos for your social media content. Follow the instructions below to download images that are appropriately sized for your social pages.
  • Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion Best Practices
    We all share the responsibility to ensure that our communications on social media are authentic and in alignment with our values of inclusion, diversity, anti-racism and equity so that everyone feels welcome at UB.
  • Accessibility Best Practices
    To truly be inclusive, social media practitioners must follow accessibility best practices to ensure that all content is available for as many people as possible.
  • Emoji Best Practices
    When used correctly, emojis can convey emotion, provide context and help you engage and connect with your community. When choosing emojis for your content, keep these best practices in mind.
  • Closing Social Media Accounts
    If you are planning to close or decommission one of your social media accounts, follow these best practices.
  • Employee Social Media Guidance
    Whether you're using social media to promote the university, your work, or just connect with family and friends, we pulled together some best practices to help employees who may have questions about utilization, based on the purpose of the account.