A series of Instagram posts that were the top posts of the year. Rainbows over the campus, Hayes at sunset, new signage at Alumni (with a #UBhornsup), #good2beblue shot of capen, supermoon over the apartments at UB.

Some of our best performing Instagram posts of 2016

Best Practices and Training

Successful social media accounts have strong, well thought out strategies. We ensure your success by leading you through our planning process before you commit to a social media channel.
Once you understand your business goals and target audiences, choosing the right social media channel mix to support your strategy is critical. It is far better to manage ONE channel well rather than spread your resources too thin across many channels. 
Open communication is at the heart of social media. Most users not only expect to be able to comment on your pages, but to also be answered when they take the time to do so. Learn more about when to show love, when to ignore and, more importantly, when to seek help for issues management.
Every day, UB social media teams are creating share-worthy content. UB’s Social Media Circle (SMC) is the forum for our university’s social media community to come together, collaborate, learn and walk away with more social muscle power.
Our team is always learning and innovating in social media! Convene here for the latest on the challenges and successes we have on the UB social media team! We'll continually update our blog, so be sure to check back frequently. 

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