Our Social Media Circles

UB’s Social Media Circles are for UB social media practitioners to come together, collaborate, learn and collectively mature UB’s social landscape and strategy.


Social Media Circle

  • Membership: Open to any UB employee who works on official university social media channels.
  • Purpose: Elevating UB units’ social media performance, continuous learning, sharing ideas and best practices

The primary focus of this group is education and staying up to date on important platform changes and trends.

Social Media Inner Circle

  • Membership: Leadership group of high impact UB social media experts and critical audience managers (invitation only)
  • Purpose: Shares ideas and gives feedback on UB best practices, channels, tools and policies in place to support the success of all social media at the university, leads by example.

The Social Media Inner Circle is focused on:

  • Raising the bar on our expertise, educating each other on the latest best practices
  • Being a supportive team that shares successes and challenges
  • Reviewing and generating university-wide policies and guidelines related to social media

Unit Social Media Leads

  • Membership: Responsible for leading and influencing the portfolios of each of the major Academic and Administrative units on campus. Coordinates closely with Senior Communicators. Serves as our single point of contact for a unit
  • Purpose: Elevates the strategy and leadership of unit-level social media efforts, producing more effective, coordinated communication outcomes. (invitation only)

The Unit Social Media Leads are focused on:

  • Accurately and efficiently representing the UB brand in the social media universe
  • Coordinating and collaborating to increase the effectiveness of our communications, extending UB’s reach by cross-promoting strategically important messages and initiatives
  • Communicating university-wide policies and guidelines related to social media to their portfolio of accounts
  • Staying informed about what’s happening around UB

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