Victor Bull character holding a phone displaying social media apps.

Our Social Channels

How UB uses social media channels from an institutional perspective

Facebook Icon.

Facebook: The Big Rocks

  • Biggest news and most engaging stories
  • Showcasing breakthroughs, headlines and milestones
  • Sharing live experiences
  • Prideful outcomes that matter to our communities
Instagram Icon.

Instagram: Behind the Scenes

  • Inspiring moments, places and people
  • Glimpse of life at UB; showcase culture
  • Visually stunning look at campus and community
  • Fun, quirky stories that say “this is UB!”
LinkedIn Icon.

LinkedIn: Updates for Alumni, Employees

  • Big news, breakthroughs and milestones
  • Thought leadership
  • Matters to the community
  • Largest community base
Twitter Icon.

Twitter: Real-Time Updates

  • Highlighting students and faculty; individual achievements
  • Recapping events and telling relevant stories
  • One-on-one conversation
  • Through strategic hashtags, easy to build community and extend our reach
YouTube Icon.

YouTube: Visual Storytelling

  • In-depth look at biggest stories
  • Updates on campus life