Become an Official UB Account

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What is the criteria for an official UB account?

All social media accounts that speak on behalf of the University at Buffalo, represent a university unit or department or are administered or managed by university personnel to conduct official business are considered official UB accounts.

This includes, but is not limited to, social media accounts promoting administrative and academic units, research centers and institutes or athletics teams.

Please note: Student-run clubs/organizations or personal social media accounts set up by students, faculty or staff for individual use are NOT considered official accounts.

What are the expectations for official accounts?

Accounts that meet the criteria listed above are expected to abide by UB's Official Social Media Account Expectations in order to maintain their status as an official account.

What are the benefits for official UB accounts?

Only official UB social media accounts are eligible for these features, which can significantly increase your visibility:

  • Use UB trademarks and name
  • Receive unified social media reports
  • Have content shared or amplified by UB’s institutional accounts
  • Participate in collaborative content opportunities
  • Appear in UB’s social media directory
  • Participate in UB's Social Media Circle, which offers:
    • Best practices
    • Issues support and guidance
    • Tips and training

How do you create or become an official account?

To become an official UB account and be eligible for the benefits listed above, start by creating your social media strategy.

UB Social Media Directory

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