Social Media Directory Criteria

To appear in UB’s Official Social Media Account Directory, review the guidance and instructions below. 


  1. Meet the criteria of an official account
    • Accounts set up for/by individual employees are not eligible to appear in the directory, even if utilized to conduct university business
    • Labs can be included at the discretion of the Unit Social Media Lead, but must abide by all brand guidelines
  2. Provide your Unit Social Media Lead with the the name and contact information of the dedicated account owner(s)
    • Students cannot be account owners
    • Account owners should also designate a back-up, as appropriate
  3. Be in compliance with UB’s Social Media Profile Guidelines 
  4. Be considered active (accounts that do NOT post for at least six months are considered inactive unless noted in their account strategy) 
  5. Be in good standing and abide by all university policies and guidelines

2. Be an eligible public account type

The following account types are permitted: 

Facebook page  LinkedIn page
Facebook group (public only) LinkedIn group (public only) Twitch
Flickr Pinterest
Instagram Snapchat YouTube

3. Respond in a timely manner to outreach

Request Changes to the Social Media Directory

Changes to the Social Media Directory must be requested by Unit Social Media Leads

Admins that want their UB social media accounts added to the directory must meet the criteria listed above and provide their Unit Social Media Lead with the following:

Directory Updates Form

Unit Social Media Leads can request changes to the directory by completing one of the forms here