Using our UB Comment Guidelines

Our social channels should be a safe and engaging space where our followers feel they can add to the dialogue. UB’s Comment Guidelines help set expectations about what we consider to be acceptable practice, as well as how we will moderate comments to protect that environment.

On this page:

Why do we need Comment Guidelines?

  • Empowers UB page admins to participate in the digital space while upholding UB values
  • Prepares us to manage feedback appropriately and consistently across UB
  • Sets audience expectations
  • Helps us mitigate risks

What are UB’s Comment Guidelines?

You can find our UB Comment Guidelines at

Adding UB’s Comment Guidelines to your website

If you allow public comments directly on your website, you must include a link to UB's Comment Guidelines ( somewhere proximate to where the comments are visible.

Adding UB’s Comment Guidelines to your channel

All official UB social media accounts must include UB’s Comment Guidelines either directly on the channel itself, or via a link on its website.

For social media channels with limited description space

For Social Media Channels with limited description space, such as X/Twitter or Instagram, it is sufficient to add a link to UB’s Comment Guidelines on your website.

For social media channels with “About” sections

For Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube or other social media channels with “about” sections, copy and paste the following language using the instructions below:

UB COMMENT GUIDELINES: UB loves hearing from you and we welcome and encourage open, thoughtful discussion. We apply UB Comment Guidelines to help our readers share their thoughts in safe and engaging digital spaces. You can find those guidelines here:


Add a reference/link to UB Comment Guidelines to the “About” tab

  • Go to your Facebook Page as an admin > About > Page Info > General Info > Edit
  • Add “Recommended Text” (above)


Add UB Comment Guidelines to:

  • “Profile” on your LinkedIn COMPANY page 
  • “Group Profile” on your GROUP page

Go to your LinkedIn Company page > Edit > Edit page > Company Description

Add “Recommended Text” to Company Description (above) and click Publish


Add a reference/link to UB Comment Guidelines in the “About” tab on any official UB YouTube page

  • Go to your YouTube page as an admin > My Channel > About > Description
  • Edit your Channel Description to include a reference to UB’s Comment Guidelines (see Recommended Text above)
Monitoring and Responding

These guidelines review how to handle engaging and challenging responses on your social media channels and how to escalate issues. | Get Started