Jabber System Requirements

Learn what you need to get started using Jabber for phone and chat.

Requirements and Recommendations


  • Internet-connected computer or compatible mobile device
  • Jabber software:
    • UB-Owned Windows or Mac: Downloaded and installed by your IT staff
    • Personally Owned Windows or Mac: Downloaded by you (Windows, Macintosh)
    • Android or iOS: Downloaded by you from Google Play Store or Apple App Store (iOS)  
  • Account set up for voice service:
    • UB Phone customers receive Cisco Jabber as standard, no request is necessary .
    • If your account is not set up for voice service, you will receive only Instant Messaging. If you believe this in error or if you require assistance, please contact the UBIT Help Center to request Cisco Jabber.
  • Have at least one Duo two-factor authentication method that is not your UB Phone, or else use Dual Mode with your mobile phone
    • You must use Duo two-factor authentication to log into Jabber


Compatible telephone headset and cable (check with your IT staff about purchasing)

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

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