Set your location for 911 services with Jabber

Learn how to set your current location when you are using Jabber on a PC or Mac.  This is required in order to contact the correct emergency personnel if you use call 911 using  Jabber.

NOTE: Do not set locations if you are using Jabber from a cell phone or tablet.

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Set up your UB location

1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Jabber

2. From a Mac or PC, log into Jabber and click the set 911 icon at the bottom of the Jabber panel on the left side of the screen  
Note: If you do not see the Set 911 location gadget, perform Sign Out/Sign In cycle to refresh your Jabber configuration

3. Log into the 9Line Location and Device portal: Click Login with SSO

4. Enter your complete email address in the Email field

5. Click Login with SSO

6. You will be taken to a UB-hosted login screen. Enter your UBITName and UBITName password, then click Sign in

7. Click Assign a location to this device

8. In the Search box, enter your building name. This will reveal an entry with the complete address for your building, including number and street. Copy the information.

9. Click Add new location.

  • Enter the building name in the Location name field
  • Enter the building address (number and street) you copied from the search in the Address line 1 field
  • Enter your office room number (including cubicle letter, if applicable) in the Address line 2 field
  • Enter the city in the City field
  • Enter the state in the State field
  • Enter the zip code in the Postal Code field

10. Click Submit

11. On the entry you created, click Select location to enable the location

Set up additional locations

For every place you will be using Jabber on a PC or Mac, add an additional location.

TIP: When you first login to the 9Line portal, setup all of your work locations, both those on campus and when working remotely.  These will be saved as your personal locations and easily filtered by using the “Show Only My Locations” check box when updating your location.

1. Click Update location

2. Click Add new location

3. For off-campus addresses:

  • Enter a name in the Location field, e.g., Home
  • Enter your address, city, state and zip in the Address, City, State and Postal Code fields

4. Click Submit

5. On the entry you created, click Select location to enable the location

Switch between locations

NOTE: If you need to check your location, use Jabber to dial 933.

Jabber will store your last-set location. If you change locations, you must update your location in Jabber.

  1. Log into the 9Line Location and Device portal
  2. Tick the box labled Show Only My Locations
  3. Choose your current location from your saved locations

Common Questions

Who should I call to report an emergency?

The general rule for reporting emergencies continues to apply: When on the North, South, or Downtown UB campus, call University Police at 645-2222. When off campus, call 911. 

Important: The 9Line service only applies to Jabber customers on a PC or Mac when dialing 911.  When calling University Police from Jabber, your location is not provided to the dispatcher. 

Why do I need to set my location when logged into Jabber on a PC or Mac?

For compliance with FCC regulations as specified in the RAY BAUM’S Act by providing a dispatchable location when calling 911.

What about locations that I already added into “My Locations” in the Jabber settings?

This setting only allows you to display your location to other Jabber customers. More to the point, this data is not included when making a call to 911. The new cloud service with 9Line is a means to provide required location data with the 911 call.

Will other people using Jabber be able to see my home address or that I’m working remotely?

No, locations that you manually create can only be seen by you and are not visible to other people in the system. 

What if I only use Jabber on my Android or iPhone?

There is no need to set your location. If you dial 911 in Jabber on your Android or iPhone, the call will automatically be sent using your cellular service and provide your location based on information provided by your cellular carrier.

What if I use Jabber on my Tablet?

Tablet devices are not currently supported for calling 911 at this time. 

How often do I need to set my location?

The best practice is to verify that your location is set correctly every time you login to Jabber on a PC or Mac.

What if I only use Jabber when working on campus and do not move around between offices?

Once you create and set your location in the 9Line portal, it will continue to be used by the service as your location until you manually set a new location.

For example, if your location is set to Capen Hall and you are moved to another building on campus, your location will continue to be sent as Capen Hall until it is set to the new location.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.