My Virtual Public Site

Use almost any of the software in UB's public computing sites from any computer, and easily access your UBfs Myfiles. 

Use My Virtual Public Site if:

  • You need to use software UB does not offer for download, such as SPSS or SAS.
  • Your computer has limited processing power and you need to run a processor-intensive program like Matlab, Mathematica or Maple
  • You are having trouble downloading the large installer files
  • You are on a Mac and need to run PC-only software (such as Microsoft Office)
  • You want to access Public Computing Site software from Chromebook, iOS, or Android devices
  • You do not have administrator rights to install software on your own computer
  • You want to use the Public Computing Site's desktop shortcut to access your UBfs Myfiles

Most UB software (such as Microsoft Office) can be downloaded and used directly from your computer. For single apps, consider My Virtual Computing Lab instead.

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Common Questions

I was asked to sign in again when I launched Microsoft 365 from within My Virtual Public Site. Is this normal behavior?


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About this service

My Virtual Public Site is available 24 hours daily, and supported 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET Monday - Friday.

For more information, please visit our Official Policy Library.

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