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The IACUC Module provides a streamlined way for researchers to create and submit protocols for studies involving animal subjects.  It provides support for initial submissions, amendments, inspections, annual and triennial reviews. The module also allows for the reporting of concerns regarding possible violations of ethical conduct that governs the use of animal subjects in scientific and educational activities . Participants will learn how to create a study protocol and submit it to the IACUC for review.  They will also receive an overview of the IACUC workflow.



You'll Benefit by Learning To

  • Explain who uses the module and the overall workflow
  • Navigate the module
  • Perform different activities in the module to move an IACUC protocol through the workflow from end-to-end

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Tracie Groves
Training Programs Coordinator
UB Commons, Suite 114
Phone: 716-829-6650

Contact for Questions

Leah Redding
IACUC Director
CTRC, Room 5018
Phone: 716-888-4888

Meghan Laski
IACUC Coordinator
CTRC, Room 5018
Phone: 716-829-3976