Grow Your Business

Nupur Technologies entrepreneurs working on their earigator system.

Entrepreneurs with Nupur Technologies find the UB incubator a great place for expanding research and testing on their Earigator system. Colleagues and experts also help with mentoring and advice for growing a company.

A major economic resource in Western New York, UB educates the workforce, expands the commercial impact of research and supports industrial innovation. Start-ups grow in our incubators. Students engage in entrepreneurial competitions. Businesses expand by licensing technology and testing products in university labs. 


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Growing a business can be an arduous task whether you're a start-up or an established company. The university aims to make that task easier by providing executives and entrepreneurs alike with access to valuable resources. 

Faculty, staff and students, as well as research centers, work directly with businesses and organizations to solve problems through discovery, translating knowledge and building a community supportive of innovative thinking and creative people.

Industrial innovation often begins with technology licensed from UB faculty research. Businesses succeed with the new products and processes, while royalties generated are reinvested in university research and education programs.

We are here to help you achieve your goals and take your ideas to the next level. We include several of the programs and resources that are available to help you access the funding and incentives you need at every stage of your business.

Operate your business tax-free for 10 years. This groundbreaking initiative gives companies the opportunity to operate state and local tax-free on (or near) a UB campus. At UB, we can help you navigate START-UP NY benefits.

UB helps you, your company and your employees reach the next level through its many professional development opportunities and certification courses.

Companies looking for employees and interns find UB to be a rich resource with nearly 30,000 graduate, undergraduate and professional students.

As a premier public research institution, UB offers a wealth of resources available to industry. Whether you need co-working space or a state-of-the-art class 10,000 cleanroom, we're here to help.

Hear from those who have leveraged university resources. Executives and entrepreneurs share their stories from strengthening the workforce to innovating with technology to co-locating on campus.