It is the duty of all PSS senators to:

  1. Read and become familiar with the PSS Constitution and Bylaws and Code of Ethics.
  2. Attend monthly and special PSS meetings.
  3. Read and become familiar with PSS General Membership and Executive Committee monthly meeting minutes.
  4. Represent your area by communicating PSS activities to your constituents and by bringing constituent concerns to the Executive Committee’s attention.
  5. Work with other senators from your area to arrange meetings/gatherings—at least once per semester—to discuss issues and matters of interest to constituents.
  6. Present a fair and impartial view on all matters brought to your attention.
  7. Welcome each new professional staff member in your area by email, phone or in person.
  8. Elect Executive Committee members for two year terms.

Communicating With Your Area Members

As a PSS Senator, you serve as a liaison to the PSS members in your area. Here are some ways to easily communicate PSS events and news to your area.

Useful Information

  • What is the Professional Staff Senate?
  • PSS staff are drawn from UB employees who are exempt staff of the State, UB Foundation and Research Foundation as well as staff of the Faculty Student Association.
  • Here are your PSS Officers and Senators.
  • PSS is split into Areas. Here are the departments that make up the different areas.
  • Get involved in a PSS committee. It helps you connect more to the PSS and UB! We even offer a committee toolbox which has helpful documents to assist with your committee work.