Staff Development and Engagement Committee

Our Mission

We strive to provide a learning culture on campus, where staff are encouraged and supported in their professional and career development.  We support the access of training staff to use existing conference and training facilities to extend the offering and delivery of programs consistently to all staff on all three campuses.  We are working to implement career planning to support and encourage staff to grow their skills and advance themselves thus infusing new prospective and skills into departments and the University as a whole. Events we have done in the past include our bi-annual one-day conference, a webinar about LinkedIn, and a bus tour of the downtown campus.

Committee Charge

To recommend to the Executive Committee programs for the continuing development of professional staff in areas having to do with:​

  • skills or knowledge necessary in administrative/academic units;
  • enhancement of interpersonal relationships, and
  • programs which encourage career mobility.

Committee Members

Chair: Ed Brodka

Membership: Katherin Burrow, Kelly Cruttenden, Lynn Emminger, Johnny Garcia, Stephen Hart, Kelli Hennessy,Margaret Herdzik, Geraldine Kremer, Timothy Matthews, Ashley, Regling, Marlo Roetzer, Joshua Skeans, Marianne Sullivan, Rebekah Burke, Frank Teirney, Dylana Thompson, Christopher Wilson