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Committee Charge

The Sustainable Living Committee seeks to cultivate and support a culture of sustainability at work, at home and in the community by coordinating educational programs, tours, initiatives and events. Through shared experiences that focus on building knowledge, skills and experience, the committee works to empower staff, faculty and students to integrate sustainability into their everyday mindset and behaviors. The committee is open to anyone with a personal and/or professional interest in sustainability, and there’s something for everyone—whether a seasoned environmentalist or someone new to being green. We meet monthly and strive to coordinate 2 to 3 signature events/projects each year.

Recent Initiatives

  • Electronics and clothing recycling events.
  • The annual sustainability fair, which provides an opportunity to learn from more than 30 local sustainability and environmental organizations in WNY, and showcases a selection of local food producers as part of the Pride of NY Program supported by UB Campus Dining & Shops.
  • Sponsor and arrange campus sustainability related tours and informative lectures that seek to educate staff about UB’s sustainability initiatives and operations along with important regional and national sustainability challenges and solutions.

Specific Goals

  • Sharing governance and influencing the UB Community to consider sustainability in making mindful and conscious decisions about living and working sustainably.
  • Demonstrating for and educating staff, faculty, students and UB partners about the Four Pillars of Sustainability (society, economy, environment, resilience) in these topical areas:
    • Transportation
    • Consumer Choices
    • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Energy Consumption
    • Buying Local
    • Ecology
    • Social Justice
    • Business Endurance
    • Community Service
    • Economic Vitality and Efficiency
    • Wellness
    • And more

Committee Events and Initiatives

Electronics Recycling & Blue Table Food Drive

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Recycle your electronics and donate food at our recycling event! Please wear a mask, stay in your vehicle and leave the lifting to us.

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Time: 7:30 am – 12:30 pm

Location: Center for Tomorrow parking lot, North Campus (Enter at South entrance across from the Center for Tomorrow)

Caught Green Handed

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Committee Members

Chair: Don Erb

Vice Chair: Janiece Jankowski

Current Members: Donna Banach, Donna Czaja, Sara Goodman, James Gordon, Hugh Jarvis, Kenneth Kern, Raymond Kohl, Douglas Levere, Domenic Licata, Erin Moscati, Todd Nibbe, Matthew Reitmeier, Tony Waleszczak

Home Sustainability Tips

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The committee has gathered a list of many ways you can make your home and life sustainable.

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