PSS Chair

Photo of Don Erb.

The Chair of the Professional Staff Senate fulfills many roles including:

  • Serving as a liaison between the President's office and the professional staff.
  • Convening the Executive Committee.
  • Representing the professional staff to offices inside and outside the university.

PSS Vice Chair

Photo of Michelle Poitras.

Michele Gliss Poitras

The primary duties of the Vice Chair are:

  • Coordinate committee activity.
  • Represent the Chair when they are unavailable.

PSS Secretary

Photo of Tony Waleszczak.

Tony Waleszczak

It is the duty of the Secretary to:

  • Schedule meetings of the general membership, the senate, and the Executive Committee.
  • Disseminate agendas and keep the minutes of meetings.
  • Keeps records of meeting attendance.
  • Generate special reports as needed.


Photo of Rachel Poole.

Rachel Poole

The PSS Parliamentarian is responsible for ruling on matters of procedure at Executive Committee, Senate and general membership meetings. This include reviewing motions and votes from both the officers and the floor.

Term of Service: July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jessica Naish.

Jessica Naish