Become a Senator

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Becoming a Senator

Senators are elected each year according to the number of professional staff in each of the five areas. Senators are expected to represent their area constituents. Executive Committee members are chosen by the area senators after elections.

Any member of the professional staff at UB is a potential senator.

Senators are elected by the members of their university area during the summer. Nominations for election go out in the late spring and staff members may nominate each other or themselves.

On occassion there might be a vacant seat in a particular area.  Contact the senators for your area if you have an interest in filling it.

Be sure to read the responsiblities of a Senator to see if this position is right for you.

You Do Not Have to be a Senator to:

  • Take part in Professional Staff Senate activites
  • Attend General Membership Meetings
  • Join a Professional Staff Senate Committee
  • Volunteer to represent the PSS on another body


You Must be a Senator to:

  • Vote on official Professional Staff Senate resolutions.
  • Sit on the Professional Staff Senate Executive Committee.