PSS Pledge to Recent Social Tensions

Dear PSS members,

It seems businesses and organizations have all posted their thoughts on recent events related to intolerance and racial upheaval in our community and our country. 

The PSS and all UB professionals should be proud of the work of our Inclusion and Diversity committee. This group of dedicated individuals have always given UB staff a forum to learn, discuss and grow on matters of Inclusion and Diversity. We pledge that the PSS, led by the I & D committee will “up” our focus to go beyond discussion and also strive to find concrete actions that we the UB professionals can engage in to further our commitment to a most just campus, community and world.

Much like the symbolic rainbow walkway near the student union, perhaps we look for a way to announce to any and all that visit campus... that UB professionals are more than concerned with racial issues... we are unapologetically anti-racist and will act against any and all suggestions of racist words and acts on our campus.

Please visit the PSS Inclusion and Diversity website and consider joining the discussions, make recommendations for future planning or join the committee yourself. The time to step up and move forward with actions is upon us all.


Tim Tryjankowski
PSS Chair