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Professional Staff Senate Office

Professional Staff Senate
Office of University Shared Governance
543 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-1601

Phone: 716-645-2003

The Officers

Tim Tryjankowski, Chair

Don Erb, Vice Chair

Cathy Donnelly, Secretary

Rachel Poole, Parliamentarian

Office of University Shared Governance Staff Assistant

The Professional Staff Connect Listserv

The Professional Staff CONNECT Discussion List is an unmoderated email list to share and discuss ideas, concerns and issues directly related to university shared governance, job duties and the quality of work life. Views and information expressed on the list may not necessarily be endorsed by the Professional Staff Senate. Members of the professional staff are automatically added to the list.

Using the listserv you can:

  • Find resources, information and advice from colleagues
  • Share information about job duties and concerns
  • Identify common areas of interest
  • Learn about opportunities for growth and development
  • Discuss common problems in the workplace
  • Share ideas related to university shared governance

As part of email etiquette, people who reply to the CONNECT list should remember to reply ONLY to the sender of the email and NOT to the entire list.

To subscribe, unsubscribe or manage list options, visit the CONNECT list page at