Recreation and Wellness Committee


Shall conduct regular reviews of General University policies and programs encompassing all recreation and wellness activities at the University, comparable across all campuses, and report on these; carry out continuous liaison with the Director of Athletics, Wellness Education Services and other appropriate University officers and committees concerned with the development and administration of similar University programs.

Secondarily, this committee shall be responsible for the relation of the University recreational programs to the standards, principles and policies of the various conferences and associations to which the University belongs; and carry out specific studies or investigations regarding its recreation/wellness/athletic affairs as may be assigned to it by the Executive Committee.


Chair: Mark (RP) Sorel

Vice Chair:  Jennifer Vick

Current Members: Katie Andrews, Wilson Bautista, Rachel Boruszewski, Jason Crosby, Mary Dedrick, Jason Elliott, Don Erb, Phyllis Floro, Charles Keough, Kimberly Krzemien, Domenic Licata, Peter Logiudice, Karen Mayfield, Michael Mieney, Joe Muscarella, Jessica Nyrop, Janelle Price, Michelle Gliss Poitras, Mary Jo Sicurella, John Slowik, Mark Sorel, Melissa Wood