Inclusion and Diversity Committee

Committee Charge

We support the University mission by contributing to a welcoming and inclusive University community by educating ourselves about our differences while simultaneously celebrating and respecting our diversity.

We will endeavor to make use of our strengths and empathy as a community of individuals in order to challenge oppressive systems particularly those that perpetuate and encourage hatred, intolerance and bigotry.

Throughout the year, the PSS Inclusion and Diversity Committee:

  • Hosts numerous social and educational programs such as our longstanding Education and Advocacy Series that explore issues of diversity, inclusion and community.  
  • Provide professional development opportunities with a focus on inclusive excellence, positively impacting UB and the larger Buffalo and WNY community. 
  • Organize informal events designed to encourage colleagues to have meaningful interactions that enable people to go beyond stereotypes and build a vibrant learning community in which all perspectives are heard and valued.

Committee Members

Chair: Lauren Galgovich
Co-Chairs: Giambattista Davis

Current Members: Ashley Regling, Aaron Shaw, Tanya Biscardi, Jessica Byerly Coram, Chris Bragdon, Caitlin Hoekstra, Cindy Konovitz, Darren Portis, Derek Nichols, Danielle Johnson, Anyango Kamina, Lynn Emminger, Don Erb, Heather Hagenbush, Ivana Colon, Jared Strohl, Jesse O'Reilly, Jessica Gorski, Kimberly Behun, Karyn St. George, Lauren Galgovish, Larissa Kowalczyk, Madonna Gehen, Mary Clare Fahey, Syrell Megan, Monica Faires, Nayema Chowdhury, Neil McGillicuddy, Rachel Di Domizio, Robina Martin, Shareefa Albanna, Susan Mann Dolce, Laura Silverman, Sherene Milizia, Stefan Kothe, Tony Waleszczak, Vivian Jimenez, Vanessa Lillard, Zaviera Panlilio