Executive Committee

Our Mission

The Executive Committee meets monthly during the academic year to help set the overall direction of the Professional Staff Senate as an organization. Together the members of the Executive Committee evaluate ideas from the various committees and review proposed resolutions. The meetings provide a smaller forum for speakers who may not be of interest to the entire professional staff.

Meetings of the Executive Committee are open to the public. Senators are encouraged to attend at least one Executive Committee meeting per semester


Chair: Timothy Tryjankowski

Secretary: Cathy Donnelly

Administrative Assistant: Jessica Naish

Vice Chair: Don Erb

Parliamentarian: Rachel Poole

Committee Members

  • Health Sciences (Area 1): Ray Dannenhoffer, Lynn Emminger, Alternate: Andrew Fogelsonger
  • Core Campus Academic Units (Area 2): Melinda Saran, Marlo Roetzer, Rachel Blane (alternate)
  • Student Support Services (Area 3): Ed Brodka, Tim Matthews  Alternate: Carl Lam, R.J. Multari (at-large member)
  • University Support Services (Area 4): Eileen Sirianni, Christopher Keough, Alternate: Janiece Jankowski
  • University Administration (Area 5): Jessica Coram, Krystal Testa, Alternate: Hugh Jarvis 


If you require an audio recording or full transcript of a meeting please contact pssenate@buffalo.edu