Alternative Transportation Subcommittee

Sustainable Living Committee

Our Mission

The Alternative Transportation subcommittee of the Sustainable Living Committee works to raise awareness and use of UB's various transportation options.

The committee’s specific goals include:

  • Promote a sustainable approach to transportation for staff and students by:
    • Encourage use of walking and bicycles
    • Encourage use of car and van pools
    • Encourage use of metro bus and metro rail
    • Discourage use of single passenger automobile
    • Encourage use of rail travel instead of air when practical
  • Work with Campus Parking and Transportation to:
    • Identify and address campus transportation safety issues
    • Promote bicycle commuting
    • Promote use of shuttles and Stampede
  • Discuss issues related parking
  • Advise the PSS Executive Committee about major transportation initiatives that affect staff
  • Monitoring the Amherst corridor metro rail extension plan

Committee Charge

To promote a culture within the UB community that celebrates bicycling, walking, and the use of mass transportation. The use of alternative transportation will help UB reduce our carbon footprint and improve general health and wellness.

Committee Members

Chair: Jim Gordon

Current Members: Sean Brodfuehrer, Daniel Calleri, Nicole Capozziello, Katie Barnum, Matthew Reitmeier, Robert Brandon, Janiece Jankowski, Douglas Levere, Domenic J. Licata (ex officio, without vote)