PSS COVID-19 Information

For any issues that relate to workload and contractual issues while working remotely, it is suggested that PSS members bring their concerns directly to UB Human Resources and the bargaining units that they themselves are a part of.

Please contact the Office of Shared Governance for any assistance needed in using the PSS list-servs to share information and/or solicit feedback.


We, the members of the Professional Staff Senate, have gathered an extensive list of resources, tips and tricks to help you during this challenging and unique situation. We have grouped these resources into categories. We hope that between UB Human Resources, UB's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and the personal tips below from fellow employees, you will find some exceptional resources at your fingertips to get started on addressing any difficulties you may be experiencing. For additonal guidlines you can also visit the COVID-19: UB Planning and Response page.


Health and Wellness

Working from home