health care professional and a student.

All students attending a State University of New York (SUNY) campus are required to have medical insurance coverage which meets certain requirements.

How do I enroll in the SUNY health insurance plan for international students? What is the cost?

All international students who are registered for at least one credit at UB are automatically enrolled in the SUNY health insurance plan.  You will be billed for your health insurance premium along with other university expenses (tuition, fees, etc.) at the beginning of each semester.

After you are enrolled, you will receive a welcome email from the insurance company—United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR), with login and ID card access instructions.  The welcome email will come from

What are the specifics of SUNY's health insurance plan for international students? What is the cost?

The Student Health Insurance Office manages your health insurance policy and coverage. For information about SUNY's health insurance plan for international students, please read the United Health Care Student Resources Member Guide. This insurance policy does not cover dental or vision care except in case of injury, except in certain cases of pediatric care as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

The insurance premiums are determined annually.  Refer to the Student Health Insurance website for current costs.

How do I enroll my spouse and/or children in SUNY health insurance plan?

You will need to complete the Dependent Enrollment Form and submit it along with payment for your dependents to United Health Care Student Resources directly. You can only enroll your dependents after you have been enrolled by the Student Health Insurance Office.

Am I eligible to enroll in the SUNY health insurance plan for international students if I am on Optional Practical Training after my graduation from UB?

Yes. If you have completed your program at UB and are on Post-Completion OPT, you may enroll in the SUNY health insurance plan.

  • In order to enroll, you must have been enrolled in it for at least the last month of the student coverage. 
  • There can be no gaps in your coverage and no exceptions will be made for students who have gaps and, therefore, missed the chance to apply. 
  • Contact the Student Health Insurance Office for more information.

What if I have other health insurance?

If you wish to use a different health insurance plan, you must have your policy reviewed to make sure it meets and/or exceeds SUNY's minimum requirements. You will only be permitted a waiver of the cost of the SUNY health insurance if your policy matches or exceeds the SUNY policy and is approved by UB's Student Health Insurance Office. 

The health insurance plan provided by sponsoring agenices to Fulbright students does not meet the SUNY requirement so those students will need to enroll in the SUNY health insurance plan as well.

SUNY requires you to have medical evacuation and repatriation insurance. Therefore, even if you are able to waive the basic SUNY health insurance, you will have to purchase the SUNY medical evacuation and repatriation insurance unless you already have such coverage. (Medical evacuation insurance pays for you to be transported to the nearest medical facility or your home country in case of serious illness or injury. Repatriation insurance pays for your remains to be transported to your home country in case of death.)

How do I apply for a waiver of SUNY's health insurance plan for international students?

Waiver packets are available online at the Student Health Insurance Office website. You complete the waiver form, and a representative from your insurance company or Human Resources Department must complete the clarification of benefits form. You must also submit a copy of your insurance ID card with your waiver packet. SMI staff will review your application to determine if your policy is comparable to every policy item mandated by the State University of New York. Deadlines apply.

Call (716) 645-3036 or email for additional information.