Research and Internships

Student presenting research at the Summer Research Symposium 2023.

Student presenting research at the Summer Research Symposium 2023

Cultivate your career passions through research and internships.

Your education takes place in more than the classroom; it’s in the lab, out in the field and across the world. These experiences make all the difference in your time at UB – and on your resume. Whether you intend to attend graduate or professional school or pursue a career right out of college, all students are highly encouraged to pursue research and internship opportunities related to their discipline. These pursuits will expose you to the culture of research and the demands of graduate study.

As a CSTEP student, you will work with our program to identify faculty research mentors and internship supervisors. We offer opportunities throughout the academic year and during the summer.

Academic Year Internship

  • 12 weeks.
  • Work up to 10 hours per week.
  • Engage with a faculty mentor or internship supervisor.
  • Research stipend provided by CSTEP.

Visit our Academic Year Internship page to learn more and to sign-up for our waitlist.

CSTEP Summer Research Program

CSTEP offers an intensive 8.5-week summer internship program designed to enhance students’ competitiveness as they prepare for a future in STEM careers and the allied health professions. Visit our Summer Research Program page to learn more about the requirements to apply.

CSTEP Outstanding Faculty Research Mentor Award

CSTEP is a winner of the prestigious PAESMEM Award (Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring). As such, CSTEP takes pride in recognizing the outstanding individuals who have been involved in mentoring, supervising and advising CSTEP undergraduate researchers, and those who have impacted students’ academic and professional careers.

Outstanding mentors are nominated by former interns and recognized every five years. Nominate a faculty member.

For a detailed listing of our faculty mentor awardees see our page