Tutoring & Academic Support Services

TASS welcomes you back. All in-person and virtual services are available. 

Student and tutor working together in the TASS center.

A destination for studying, collaboration, support and growth.

Tutoring and Academic Support Services (TASS) helps undergraduate students raise the bar on their classroom performance by providing resources that open doors to academic success. TASS sets a new standard for academic support at UB, where you’ll find that asking for help is one of the smartest things you can do.

When you work with one of our tutors, you’ll find new ways to approach your studies and gain strategies to overcome the rigors of college-level work. We offer services to meet these needs and more. These services are free to all undergraduate students.

Expectations for tutoring and coaching appointments are as follows:

  • Arrive on time and be prepared for the tutoring appointment (have books, notes, questions etc).
  • If unable to make appointment, either re-schedule or cancel through the Navigate portal at least four hours prior to the appointment.
  • No-show three times, could result in loss of tutoring privileges.

If you need any assistance email asktutoring@buffalo.edu

Your health, safety and academic success are our highest priorities, and TASS is here for you! Continue to focus on your schoolwork and maintain a healthy schedule. For official university guidance and updates about UB’s preparedness and response to this issue, visit UB’s COVID-19 Information website.

Additional On-Campus Tutoring Help

Everyone—even students at the top of their class—benefits from a little bit of extra help. Tutoring can help you better understand the material, strengthen your skills and boost your confidence in the classroom. Here is how to get started.

Additional Online Resources

Students can use the Khan Academy, for online exercises, instructional videos and personalized learning dashboards.

Other ways to get help.

  • Ask your instructor for help.
  • Ask your teaching assistant (TA) for help.
  • Ask your instructor about being paired with successful students in the course.
  • Ask the department for contacts in the major who may be able to help.
  • Form a study group.