Tutoring & Academic Support Services

Student and tutor working together in the TASS center.

A destination for studying, collaboration, support and growth.

Tutoring and Academic Support Services (TASS) helps undergraduate students raise the bar on their classroom performance by providing resources that open doors to academic success. TASS sets a new standard for academic support at UB, where you’ll find that asking for help is one of the smartest things you can do.

TASS has received the International TUTOR Training Program Certification from the College Reading & Learning Association. This certification provides recognition and positive reinforcement to tutors and mentors and also sets professional standards of skill and training for tutors, coaches and peer mentors. Student tutors may also become CRLA certified.

When you work with one of our tutors, you’ll find new ways to approach your studies and gain strategies to overcome the rigors of college-level work. We offer services to meet these needs and more. These services are free to all undergraduate students.


If you have questions or can't find a tutor, email asktutoring@buffalo.edu.