UB offers a vast network of support resources that are available to all students. If you’re looking for academic support or personal support, here are some ways to get started.

Help with first-year transitional issues, quiet study locations, tutoring, book loaning and more.

Help with services and accommodations for students with disabilities.

Assistance in exploring majors, graduate schools and careers.

Offering students a foundation for access, opportunity and persistence to graduation and beyond.

Navigate and understand the financial aid process with our guidance.

Workshops on stress management, interpersonal skills, meditation and more.

Help for international students on immigration regulations, life in Buffalo, and more.

The Navigate app will help you manage your academic journey and connect with a full range of resources at UB.

A comprehensive resource for everything you need for life outside the classroom.

Tutoring in mathematics (ULC 147 & 148, MTH 121, 122, 131, 141 & 142).

Providing free tutoring and academic support to all undergraduates.

Information about your academic experience, including the UB curriculum, support, resources and policies.